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Churchill Associates, Inc. specializes in every aspect of trust deeds and mortgages in California, Arizona and Nevada. We are a central team member to those who own or control or deal with trust deeds, mortgages or promissory notes - and we will be the only service company you will ever need for the following:

  • Professional Foreclosure Services filed within 24 ours in California.
  • Negotiating a workout with the borrower.
  • Servicing and collecting for the money owed by the borrower.
  • Helping borrower with the non-judicial process.
  • Completing a deed in lien of foreclosure with the borrower.
  • Eviction processing
  • REO sales
  • Trust deed monitoring / mortgage monitoring
  • Reinstatement coordinator
  • Title Services including Trustee Sale Guaranty’s.
  • Finding a buyer for your trust deed.

Foreclosure Trustee Services for Our Clients

Churchill Associates, Inc. specializes in all aspects of trust deed and mortgage ownership. We can help at every step from acquisition to sale. We are experts at what to do when a borrower is in default on their loan payments. Our primary service where we can benefit someone who owns or controls a trust deed or mortgage is in the following:

Non Judicial Foreclosure: We can start and finish any non-judicial foreclosure in a professional and timely manner, no matter how complex the transaction is or what type of property is involved. We can help you with residential, multi-tenant, apartments, commercial, industrial or any other form of real property used or secured for a trust deed or mortgage.

Contingency Collection: It may be that starting a foreclosure is not the best solution when the borrower is in default. There are many other options where the lender and borrower can be satisfied. Churchill Associates, Inc. will try any or all of them for a contingency fee. We don't get paid unless you do. Some of the area of discussion with the borrower subject to the lender approval would be the following:

Discount the Loan: Offering a discount to the borrower for an early payoff of the loan.

Restructure the Loan: Restructuring the loan to make it affordable to the borrower and acceptable to the lender.

Modify the Loan: Loan modification of all the loan that are secured by the property.

Forbearance Agreement: Loan forbearance acquisition where the lender allows the borrower to make reduced payments or no payments for a period of time.

Deed-in-lieu: Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure whereby the borrower agrees to transfer the property to the lender without the neeed to go through the foreclosure process.

The best solution for a borrower may be to sell the property with all of the lender agreeing to receive a discount on the money owed them. It may be better for a lender to allow the SIDE of the property and receive a portion of the debt now and agree with the borrower for payments as the balance.

Bankruptcy Resolution: When a borrower files for bankruptcy protection, the foreclosure process must stop (federal automatic stay) until the court allows the process to continue or the bankruptcy is resolved. If the lender does not do anything, many months may pass. Churchill Associates, Inc. can react quickly and relieve the lender of the problem so that the foreclosure process or other collection efforts can be completed.

REO and Eviction Services: You will own the property if the foreclosure process goes to auction or no one offers more than your opening bid. Once you are the owner, Churchill Associates, Inc. can work with you and help you rent or sell the property using our professional affiliations. We can also help with the eviction process if this becomes necessary.

Senior Lean Bidding: Churchill Associates, Inc. can make sure you are ??? involved at every step of the process relating to the foreclosure by a senior lien bidder. You will know of the sale date, any partial payments or continuance the opening bid and any other important information about the property.

Property Valuation and Preservation Services: We and our expert affiliates can assure you of an accurate property valuation and preservation service to maintain the value of the property both before and after the foreclosure process.

Title Services and Trustee Sale Guarantees: We can offer title service and trustee guarantees to anyone interested. These services will assure knowledge of any lien or encumbrance affecting a selected property.

Sell Your Loan: These are times when you may want to sell your loan, whether it is performing or not. We can help you sell your loan for the highest price available in the country. With our purchasing contacts on a national level, we can assure you a sale at the highest possible value.

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